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Friday, 19 August 2011

The Benefits Of Argireline in Top Anti Wrinkle Creams

When searching for an anti wrinkle cream always look for the ingredient Argireline. Want to know why? Then read on.

Safer than Botox

Argireline has been termed the natural alternative to Botox. Similar to the injections, it relaxes the muscles in your face. By doing so, any wrinkles and fine lines are decreased in appearance. This is much safer than using a poison such as Botulinum toxin and much more gentle on your body. There are no side effects, as it's not toxic and there is no risk of scars. Plus, the effects last much longer with Argireline.

Can Be Applied All Over

Botox injections need to be given in certain areas of the face. A top anti wrinkle creams can be applied wherever you have wrinkles and fine lines so that you can target the areas that matter and really benefit from it.

Reduces Wrinkles Naturally

Found in Hydroxatone ingredients, Argireline has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles on the face. It has been shown to reduce the number of facial twitches thereby helping the skin to retain the proteins collagen and elastin, which break down as we get older. These proteins are vitally important for tight and smooth skin. By keeping the remaining collagen and elastin in good condition, you can prevent and reduce wrinkles.

Clinical trials have shown Argireline to be a very good anti aging wrinkle ingredient. Creams like Hydroxatone, which contain Argireline, are a very effective and safe way to reduce and prevent wrinkles.

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  1. A top anti wrinkle creams can be applied wherever you have wrinkles and fine lines so that you can target the areas that matter and really benefit from it.
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