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Monday, 12 May 2014

4 Gorgeous Beauty Trends You Need to Try

If you can twist up a lipstick and brush on some nail polish, you’ve got what it takes to master the season’s prettiest beauty trends. Here’s a complete how-to guide.

Modern Moon Mani
 How-to: The most difficult part of creating this fresh take on the white-moon manicure is choosing a palette. Any combination works, but the metallic-and-cream mix shown opposite is a sure bet. New York City manicurist Sofia Shusterov, who did the nails shown here, suggests applying a lighter shade all over the nail as a base, then (when it’s dry) topping it with a deeper hue. For a precise line, trace the top edge of the moon in one stroke, then paint vertically from that edge to the fingertip.

Fishtail Bun
How-to: Start by gathering shoulder-length or longer hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Next, divide the tail in two, holding one half in your left hand and the other in your right. Grasp a narrow section of hair from the outer portion of one half and bring it over to the other half. Repeat on the opposite side. Keep going, switching sides, until you’re three inches from the end, then secure with another elastic. Tuck the braid under and into the nape, anchoring with bobby pins. Next, take the three-inch end and wrap it around the first elastic to conceal. Hold in place with more bobby pins.

Colorful Cat-Eye
How-to: You don’t need a steady hand to produce this bold look. Color each lid from the lash line to midway to the crease (as shown) with a bright eye pencil, then cover with a matching shadow to make it last. “Blue, green, even purple will do. This isn’t for a natural effect,” says Robert Greene, the New York City makeup artist who worked on this story. With the liner, trace along the base of the lashes to intensify the color, extending past the outer corner; finish with black mascara. Keep lips neutral.

Orange Lips
How-to: Wearing orange, says Greene, “is about your comfort level as much as your complexion.” For less drama, use an orange gloss or tinted balm. For more, line and fill in bare lips completely with an orange lip pencil, then apply a matching cream lipstick (the pencil will keep it from feathering).

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