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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Keranique – Offering Women Hair Regrowth Treatments That Actually Work

All advertisements of hair products showcase women with thick, lustrous and shiny hair. However, in real life, very few women are blessed with strong, beautiful and manageable hair. The hectic pace and stress associated with life these days continues to affect the health of women in many ways.

Hair fall is just one of the issues that arise from unhealthy lifestyle such as imbalanced diet, lack of exercise, inadequate sleep and high stress levels. Uncontrolled hair fall usually leads to thinning hair. And once the hair goes thin, most women have a hard time finding products that will help add volume and thickness to it. Again there are differences of opinion regarding how to add volume to thinning hair – by regrowing hair or simply volumizing existing hair. Regardless of which of these options seems good to you, Keranique has just the perfect products for your needs.

The best product for hair regrowth

One of the most effective hair regrowth treatments out there is the formulation from Keranique simply known as Hair Regrowth Treatment. This product features an FDA approved ingredient called Minoxidil with clinically proven results in helping regrow thicker and fuller looking hair in women. Minoxidil rejuvenates hair follicles by improving blood and nutrient supply to it. This helps maintain the right environment for healthy hair regrowth.

Add instant volume to thin hair

If you are not interested in hair regrowth treatments, check out the Amplifying Lift Spray from Keranique. This is not a hair regrowth spray but a styling spray that helps add instant volume, thickness and bounce to thin and limp hair. It also fortifies hair, leaving thin hair looking shiny, smooth and lustrous.

When it comes to regrowing hair or adding volume to thinning hair, Keranique offers just the right products for your needs. Choose the perfect products for thicker-looking, soft and shiny hair.


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