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Monday, 13 August 2012

The Importance Of Sun Protection

Why do we need to keep our skin protected from the sun? What would happen if we go out for a walk, without sun protection? The sun might be warm and wonderful, however, the ultraviolet rays it emits, can damage our skin and lead to the appearance of discolorations, pigmentations, and spots. This is called photo aging and happens to all of us. We need to protect the largest and most vital organ in our body from UVA and UVB rays. We can wear a bb cream containing in-built sun protection factor (SPF) for this purpose.

Some anti aging creams also contain SPF to help protect skin against the sun's harmful rays. Go online to know more about some almost magical products available from leading brands today that can make your skin care regimen that much more effective.

In fact, there is some level of sun protection in most cosmetic products we use today. Visit your local drugstore or cosmetic counter in the neighborhood supermarket and check out the day creams, foundations, primers, and blemish balm creams and you would find this to be true. Select a foundation or a best bb creams containing a SPF of minimum 15 or higher. Going lower than 15 would make the protection virtually nonexistent.

So, if you want to avoid pre-mature aging, hyper-pigmentation, and sun spots, stay protected by using a good quality sunblock. If you are worried about having to use a sports sunblock that is thick in consistency and does not smell very nice, you can put your fears to rest. You can easily achieve the desired results by opting for an anti aging cream or a bb cream with a broad spectrum SPF. This multitasking cream would conceal imperfections, hydrate skin, and also provide sun protection.


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