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Monday, 21 January 2013

Asia’s Hot Beauty Commodity Now in America

You can order an anti aging BB cream online at a risk free trial for 30 days. Isn’t this amazing? The beauty secret of the Asian land is out and has travelled to America and Europe!

BB creams originated in Germany. They became a hot beauty commodity in South East Asia. Korean actresses vouched for this cream. It conceals facial flaws, repairs damaged skin due to aging, moisturizes skin the whole day, nourishes every cell, and protects skin from sun damage. The Asian version of this cream contains skin lightening agents too.

The American version of a BB cream is infused with anti aging ingredients. American women are obsessed with wrinkle-free, smooth skin just like Asian women are obsessed with fairer skin. That’s why you can see some of the top wrinkle creams in the American market.

If you are fed up of applying makeup to conceal your facial flaws and want something natural and different, try the Blemish Balm (BB). It offers light to medium coverage to face owing to the presence of tinted moisturizers in it.

BB cream renders a matte finish to face, so oily-skinned people too can use it. The cream forms such a sheer film on the surface that you hardly feel the cream is there. Your face looks fresh and natural, yet all its flaws are neatly hidden.


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