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Monday, 8 April 2013

Four Bizarre Makeup Trends That Are Only For The Ramp

Certain makeup ideas look best only in fashion magazines and on the ramp. Well, if you dare to wear them, please do, as there is no law banning them.

Colored eyelashes: These are great for Halloween. Those vibrant pinks and greens or candy-colored lashes were noticed at Fall 2012 Couture Fashion Show of Christian Dior. Let it stay on the ramp. 
Pastel eyeshadow: They are best for girls under nine. It gives a washed-out look on grownups.
Vampire lips: Are black lips sensuous?  Well, wine-stained lips might bring a degree of sensuality, but it is a bad idea to go gothic. It is no longer ladylike, unless you are the lead character of a vampire movie. 
Spider lashes: This weird trend was seen in Fall 2011. You might try it, but it looks completely unnatural. Looking for a classic look? Stay miles away from this trend.

Last but not the least, avoid doing up both your eyes and lips at the same time. You are not a Christmas tree. If you wish to highlight your eyes, go subtle on lips and vice versa.


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