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Monday, 1 July 2013

Why do Wrinkle Creams Use Argireline In Their Formula?

The cosmetic world looks upon this ingredient as one of the elements of “Fountain of Youth.” Users simply call it a miracle ingredient. The name is Argireline. It has the power to give your face a smoother, flawless appearance. 

This is a natural peptide. So far, no side effects of this peptide have been reported. This ingredient works along the lines of nature. It is different from botox. People who hate to pierce their skin with needles or loathe emptying their wallets on a beauty treatment can choose to use the cream. 

Botox or Botulinum, the toxic compound, kills the neurotransmitter protein to smoothen out the face. On the other hand, Argireline simply blocks the protein from sending contraction signals to facial muscles. 

The result is the same – wrinkles smoothen out. In case of botox, this is done by paralyzing the muscles. In case of this peptide, it is done by relaxing them. 

Top brands like Hydroxatone are known to use this natural peptide in their anti aging formula. Perhaps this explains their astounding success. People certainly want to go with nature. 

So, if you hate needles, relax. You can still fight those wrinkles. Use a cream containing Argireline. Studies show that such a cream works successfully to give you a smoother-looking face with a reduced wrinkle appearance.


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