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Monday, 11 November 2013

What’s The Fuss About Argireline?

So, you have recently bought a wrinkle cream. You are excited about using it since its label contains exotic names and its ad had promised the cream will give you beautiful skin. Well, days pass and nothing happens. Your skin is still the same – wrinkled and dull. Experts advise to check the label again. Does this cream contain Argireline?


Does it contain Matrixyl 3000 or Hyaluronic Acid? No, again!

Well, this explains your cream’s non-performance. The above mentioned ingredients, including Argireline, are some of the most potent ones to work on aging skin. They are established to improve collagen and elastin levels in skin, relax and soothe facial muscles, heal dehydration, and give a youthful glow to face.

Reputable brands like Hydroxatone use all the three ingredients in its anti aging formula. Reviews of this brand are raving. Users are so awed by the results that they are flocking online to buy Hydroxatone’s products. This clearly shows that these ingredients create an amazing effect on the skin.

So, buy a wrinkle cream containing Argireline and other established anti aging ingredients. Throw away that exotic-named jar. You are only wasting time using it daily. Get a relevant cream and put your money to valuable use.


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