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Sunday, 21 September 2014

An Anti-Aging BB Cream Can Make You Look Years Younger

 BB cream or Blemish Balm cream as the name suggests, is an excellent skin cream for removing dark spots and wrinkles. It was first used way back in the 1960s by German dermatologist, Dr. Christine Schrammek on her patients quite effectively after conducting cosmetic surgery on their skin. However, it wasn’t until the formulation reached the Far East that it started gaining popularity as a highly effective skin cream that removes dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles on the face and makes it picture perfect and blemish-free. In fact, the cream was known to be the secret behind the perfect skin of Korean actresses. To this day, it is hugely popular in Korea and Japan.

Most research are aimed at benefit multiplication

The best BB cream formulations are the result of endless research on increasing the efficacy of these products. Apparently a number of complementary ingredients have made their way into the different brands making the cream. This has given it a wider dimension well beyond the ability to remove dark spots which it did quite effectively anyway. The addition of sun protection formula and Vitamin C rich ingredients make it effective against the harsh UV rays of the sun while Vitamin C promotes collagen production which is an excellent skin hydrator.

Additional benefits offered by different blemish balm formulations

The brands producing BB cream have been developing a wide variety of products that addressed different categories of aging skin issues and not merely removal of dark spots from the skin. The effort is on trying to get the maximum out of every formulation. While some are designed to visibly firm and lift the skin in addition to brightening and moisturizing it, others focus on evening out skin tone and brightening dullness and discoloration. Many of these creams include sun protection formula as an added benefit.



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