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Monday, 8 September 2014

Deep Pore Cleansing for Sensitive Skin

Dr. Gary Goldfaden, M.D. is a member of The American Academy of Dermatology, creator of GOLDFADEN MD products and author of the book, “Your Guide to Healthy Skin The Natural Way.” To help you maintain the squeaky clean pores without irritation, he shared his skincare tips and ingredients to look for if you have sensitive skin that’s prone to flare-ups, redness and discomfort when using clarifying cleansers, toners and creams.

What is the best way for people with sensitive skin to deep cleanse their pores?

Exfoliation is the best for this, using an exfoliating scrub.

What’s the best type of scrub to use, and why?

Look for a scrub with round crystals as to not cause tearing and redness to already sensitive skin. In the GOLDFADEN MD product line, the Doctor’s Scrub is safe and effective for sensitive skin types because we use ruby crystals that are perfectly round and do not irritate the skin. This scrub is also infused with hydrating emollient oils (jojoba and apricot) to nourish, sooth and hydrate the skin.

Besides round crystals, are there any other ingredients I should look for to effectively deep-clean sensitive skin?

Gentle detoxifying cleansers that contain grapefruit extract or enzymes and are mineral oil free are good for deep pore cleaning too.

What other skincare ingredients I should steer clear of to help keep sensitive skin healthy?

Keeping sensitive skin clean is extra tricky because the culprit could be lurking in your products. Start reading ingredient lists. If an ingredient list is long it is probably not that good or effective for problematic skin. Look for natural products that are effective.  Artificial fragrances, colors, sulfates, silicones and mineral oils can make sensitive skin worse.



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