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Monday, 6 October 2014

The Skin Responds Very Well To Revitalizing Treatment At Night

An increasing number of people concerned with anti aging remedies feel that night time is when your cream works the best on your skin. The reason is simple that apart from the fact that your skin is in rest mode at night, your anti wrinkle solution doesn’t have to battle against the elements of the outdoor environment like the harsh UV rays of the sun, the free radicals in the polluted urban air, and the dust and grime. So, your skin is able to absorb the best elements of your moisturizer at night and the difference becomes evident when you look at the mirror in the morning.

Many ingredients of anti wrinkle creams aren’t effective at night

After washing your face with plain cold water, the freshness and vitality will set you up perfectly for the day ahead. Even the best anti aging face cream won’t be able to give you the kind of results after remaining on your face throughout the day as much as it will give after remaining on your face throughout the night. One of the compounds generally present in your anti-aging cream is Retinoid, which promote faster regeneration of cells but struggle to function when exposed to harsh sunlight.

Your skin absorbs nourishment better at night
An anti aging night cream, which is essentially a moisturizer, also gets the opportunity to work on your skin without the hindrance of a foundation, which it has to contend with at night. Some of the ingredients of wrinkle creams don’t go well with foundations and hence aren’t as effective as they are normally supposed to be. Other common ingredients in skin care creams like vitamins C and E are also found to be ineffective in sunlight. Overall, the skin is said to absorb nourishment much better when you are asleep.



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