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Monday, 23 February 2015

Body Wash, Brazilian Wax, Skin Care – a Modern Woman’s Daily Diary

Two new Soap Bars on white background.Earlier, things were simple. For example, there was only bar soaps. Shampoos were only cleansing agents, and so on. Today, there are bar soaps and there are liquid soaps. In the beginning, the liquid ones were used only for washing hands. Now, you have body washes that claim to give you a fresh and pleasant bathing experience.

Bar soap vs. body wash 
If you analyze, there really is no difference between the two. Both contain fatty acid alkali salts and detergents meant to mix dirt and oil and remove them when washed with water. However, they do more. They also snatch away the natural oils of skin. That’s why you often need to slather moisturizers after bathing.

The newest line of body washes claim to possess in-built moisturizers. Yet experts say that there is hardly a difference between using body washes and bar soaps. Use whatever you like.

DIY Brazilian wax – can it be done? 
 If you are uncomfortable with a stranger staring down at your private parts while waxing, you can do Brazilian wax at home. However, be ready to tolerate the excess pain. This is because there is a difference when an amateur like you removes hair through wax and when a professional does it. In spite of this, if you are adamant in doing it yourself, make sure you have a good mirror in hand.

Secrets to perfect skin 
The secret is that there are no secrets! Regular and proper care of your skin is enough to flaunt healthy, glowing complexion irrespective of your age. Also, you must use age-appropriate skin products. As your skin matures, its needs and care changes. Listen to your skin and adopt age-appropriate skin care.

The traditional skin cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine is still in fashion. It will always be. Clean skin is the key to healthy complexion. Well-moisturized skin is the key to its youthfulness.

While pampering your skin, do not forget to solve under-eye issues like dark circles, crow’s feet, fine lines, and puffiness. Remember; there are separate creams for the area under the eyes. They contain specific elements meant to take care of the extremely delicate area under your eyes.

According to skin experts, you must not rub the area under eyes due to its high delicacy. It can damage the skin. While using an under eye cream, pat the formula with your fingers on the area, instead of rubbing at it.

Whether it is wax, skin care, or cleansing of your body, choose the right products; be gentle and loving to your body; and listen to its subtle signals.


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