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Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Art of Dying Hair Perfectly

Dying hair may look easy, but for every woman you see with beautifully dyed hair, there are about 20 who have had a bad experience. Besides mistakes with technique and style, there are chances of having chemical reactions on your skin. Does that mean there is no way to be sure of dying hair perfectly? Before it breaks your heart, here’s a promise: there’s hope! Also, in case you have dyed hair too dark, how to lighten it is not a question that should worry you. Here’s why.

Getting the Perfect Shade
1. If you want to get a few glamorous streaks or lovely light brown hair, always go to an expert. Even if it costs you few bucks extra, at least it ensures that you will get good results. The color is going to stay for a long time, so be wise, and make a good choice.

Hair Color Too Dark? Here are your options!2. Another thing that will help you avoid hair dying mishaps is to think about what kind of color you want. Bring a picture of someone wearing the hair color you want. This will help the expert get a clear idea of what you’re thinking. Be open to suggestions, though.

Lightening the Color Overdose
Though lightening hair that has been dyed too dark is not an easy task, there are a few ways that might help. A few of them could be a little damaging to your hair, but they certainly would not cause any major harm.
1. A Clarifying Shampoo: Using a light clarifying shampoo will help you lighten your hair. Use it once or twice a day to see visible lightening in semipermanent hair dyes. Be careful to reduce the frequency of hair washing if you notice any roughness in the hair.

The primary benefit of using this tip is that it involves minimum risk. It won’t harm your hair in any way and will keep it clean. Also, if a clarifying shampoo suits you, it will be your next secret to smooth hair.

2. Lemon Juice: Yes, again, this is a natural solution! There is no need to expose your hair to any sort of risk when something as basic as lemon juice can help you fix it. Apply a generous amount of lemon juice to your hair, and then expose it to heat. The best way is to sit in the sun for about two to three hours. In case it is too dark, stay in the heat for a little longer to see substantial results.

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