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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Use Keranique For Managing Greasy Hair Better

Dry hair is associated with split ends, and breakage, but greasy hair offers its own set of challenges. Greasy hair is unattractive, and no woman would ever want to be seen outdoors without makeup or without fluffy, light, bouncy hair. Greasy hair is also difficult to style, because the grease weighs hair down, making it limp, and difficult to put into any elegant style. Additionally, the products women use to eliminate grease might end up damaging their hair.

What is Sebum

Sebum, the oil that the hair follicles naturally produce, is not all bad news. Sebum keeps hair lubricated, much like the sebum produced by skin keeps it moist and supple. However, excess secretion of sebum leads to hair becoming greasy all too soon. Depending on your requirements, you would have to use an appropriate shampoo to eliminate grease, all the while ensuring that the shampoo itself does not harm your hair.

The drawbacks of sulfate shampoos

One of the things to avoid is a shampoo with sulfate compounds. Sulfates are present in almost all regular shampoos and conditioners. While they remove grease from hair by generating lather, the drawbacks are far too many to ignore. Sulfates remove almost all grease from hair. Far from being good news, this occurrence might end up causing dry hair. What is more, in an effort to compensate for the loss of moisture, the sebaceous glands end up producing more oils, thus locking your scalp in a dry - greasy cycle.

Your choice is to use a Keranique product. The Keranique shampoo ingredients list contains vitamins and nutrients, but not sulfates. Additionally, among the other Keranique shampoo ingredients is hydrolyzed keratins, which protect hair against external UV damage. Fuller looking hair for women becomes easier to achieve with the use of the Keranique shampoo, because it helps eliminate excess oils and grime from hair, giving hair a lightweight, bouncier feel. For best results, you may want to apply the Keranique conditioner, designed to improve hair texture and sheen, along with the shampoo.


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